To listen to something while running, or to not listen to something while running?  That is the question.

Frankly, I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer.  It all comes down to personal preference and how one is feeling on that given day.  Sometimes I listen.  Sometimes I don’t.  Almond Joy’s got nuts.  Mounds don’t.

When I do listen, I like to throw on something that has a fast pace and is usually pretty angry for harder effort runs. On easy days, I’ll usually throw on a podcast episode, or two. So, I thought I’d compile a list and my thoughts on some of the ones I regularly subscribe and listen to.  What the hell, right?

  • House of Run ( This is one of my all-time favorites.  Here, Kevin and Jason discuss the goings on in global running.  They’ll discuss recent race results, news from the pro and elite fields and speculate on upcoming races.  The delivery is very conversational with a good amount of humor and sarcasm.  Each episode wraps up reading listener emails and listening to fan-submitted voicemails, some of which are rife with running-related conspiracy theories, season predictions or Robert Goulet impersonations.  You have to go back a while to catch it, but a must-listen is episode 244 (from 12/2014) where they do an in-depth comparison and analysis on both movies about Prefontaine, “Without Limits” and the aptly-titled “Prefontaine”.
  • the BibRave Podcast ( This is a newer one (just launched in 2016), but has quickly become one of my favorites.  The hosts, Tim and Julia, are very conversational, aren’t afraid to go off on some good tangents and are very relatable (even though they’re both really fast).  The only downside I’ve found so far is that Tim refers to a drinking fountain as a “bubbler”.  Seriously, though, it’s a great listen, and there’s never a dull moment.  The podcast covers many different topics including their respective “workout of the week”, as well as their personal running tales.
  • the Runner’s World Show ( As you would expect, this is a first-rate production from Runner’s World, hosted by their fearless leader, David Willey.  The production quality is excellent, and they have several segments throughout each episode.  Each starts off with their main story, most of which are very interesting and compelling (listen to the Joe DeSena episode – trust me), and end with their Final Kick where they discuss shorter topics ranging from running news to new products to amusing stories within the world of running.
  • On the Run ( This is the second podcast put out by FloTrack, following up their first, Track After Dark.  The hosts are Meg and Adam, both former collegiate runners, who take us down the path of collegiate and professional running stories, as well as their love for the Bachelor and Beyonce.  I personally don’t care about the latter two subjects, but I really enjoy how granular they get within the collegiate ranks, even dipping into the elite high school fields on occasion.
  • Run to the Top ( This podcast is hosted by Tina Muir, a Saucony sponsored British transplant who interviews a different guest each week, ranging from elite pros to inspiring athletes that have faced and overcome adversity.  They’ve even kicked off a shorter, daily podcast called the Extra Kick ( that is a short, 10-15 minute episode where they dive into listener questions.  I especially love the Extra Kick because I can stack the episodes back-to-back-to-back and have a lot of variety to listen to over the course of 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

There are obviously others that I listen to.  Some are more obscure than others, but they’re all on the regular rotation.  If you haven’t checked any of them out, I highly recommend giving them a listen.  Whether you like the latest news in the pro or collegiate ranks, or like the inspirational type of stories, there’s something for everyone in that lineup.


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