Holy Thanksgiving.

I ate during the entirety of the 4 1/2 day weekend we were visiting family.  And it wasn’t healthy food.  Two Thanksgiving dinners, multiple meals out with the extended fam.  It was a glutton’s paradise.

To be fair, I haven’t started my running off-season yet and, when I do, I typically will have a weekend filled with eating what I want.  This usually includes everything that I’ve deprived myself of for the past 11 months (full disclosure: I still have cheat meals, and I still enjoy my after-dinner dessert each night).

I had a few decent runs over the weekend, though – 7 miles, 5 miles and 4 miles – plus a CrossFit inspired workout.  We also took the kiddos to Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City for a night, so I spent more than several hours climbing stairs and cargo nets.

By last night, I felt miserable.  I was tired, sluggish and lethargic.  Yes, we had a busy weekend and, yes, I spent 4 hours driving yesterday.  But all I wanted to do was lay down.  I didn’t even need to sleep.

Do I regret enjoying some of the things I ate?  Not really.  I don’t do this often.  But it’s a good reminder of balance.  I think I do a nice job of balancing the good food with the bad on a daily basis.  I know that I’m never going to hit 100% of my nutrition, so I try to be realistic.

I hit the ground running today with a solid breakfast of peanut butter and honey toast, and enjoyed a good (homemade) grilled chicken salad for lunch.  I’ve even only had one can of Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper and I’m not falling asleep at my desk.  That is already a small miracle since I don’t drink coffee.

When I get home, the running shoes are going to be on my feet, and I’ll be hitting the pavement through town.  Now that this weekend is out of my system, I fully intend to outrun the bad diet of the past 4+ days.  Or, at the very least, run away from it.


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