I’m a dad.  I’m a husband.  I’m an employee.

Just like virtually every other person on this planet, I have real world responsibilities.  While I enjoy running (and it arguably helps keep me sane), I either have to get creative to squeeze in a workout, or I have to skip it altogether.  To top it off, my wife enjoys running and other fitness-related activities and we have to make sure there’s a balance so that we can both work towards achieving our goals.

The past few weeks have been a perfect example of our ability to get creative.  We’ve been mired in our kids’ extracurricular activities and we had a major health scare for my wife’s grandmother.

Don’t get me wrong – our kids and the health of my wife’s grandmother is of far greater importance than me getting in a tempo run.  But life is about balance, and everyone deals with it.

I heard a quote recently, and I’m probably going to butcher it, but it was something along the lines of “Don’t look for motivation; build discipline.”  An acquaintance of ours within the local running community calls this finding time in the “in-betweens”.

I’m accustomed to running during weekdays at 4:30 pm.  Do I want to have to run at 5:15 am, or at 7:45 pm?  No.  Not at all.  Would I rather run outside than on the treadmill?  Duh.  Is it more enjoyable doing mile repeats on a track than in your garage?  That’s a no-brainer.  But when things of greater importance create roadblocks, you can either get creative, or you can get complacent.  You can either try to find motivation, or you can build discipline.



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