We’ve been very fortunate to have a mild fall. For Nebraska, we usually see temps in the upper 40’s in November. Lately, we’ve been in the 60-75 range.

Today, not so much.

Mother Nature reared her ugly head and threw us spiraling into the upper 30’s with 35 mph north winds. Great day for a workout.

Treadmill city.

To be honest, I had no desire to fight the cool air. I could’ve bundled up, but it was easy run day, and I felt lazy.

So I threw on clothes more indicative of a Spring/Summer training run, popped on the Runner’s World Show podcast on the Bluetooth speakers in the garage and cranked up the treadmill.

It was quiet, save for the whirring motor, a relatively calm podcast and my feet slapping against the deck at a 9:13 warm-up pace.

I hate easy run days.

I like running fast. I like hard workouts. My mind tends to wander too much during easy runs and I get way too unfocused. I start getting bored.

Today wasn’t a little better, though. I’ve been working on my mental game, and by the end of mile 2, I was in a good groove. I only had 5-6 today, but I actually felt as though I could’ve pumped out 8-10 with no mental fatigue.

Baby steps.


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